Not really, but we're sick of pretending we got into NFTs for the art. We came for gains.

Every Pit is a ticket to a weekly $SOL raffle.

Join the Pit Crew Inner Circle for exclusive access to NFT Insider Secrets - an 8-week live training on trading NFTs for profit.



Not really, but we're sick of pretending we got into NFTs for the art. We came for gains.

Every Pit is a ticket to a weekly $SOL raffle.

Join the Pit Crew Inner Circle for exclusive access to NFT Insider Secrets - an 8-week live training on trading NFTs for profit.

With so many new projects launching on a daily basis, it’s hard to filter through all the junk to find the projects with real potential.

98% of them will likely be worthless in a couple of years (or months).

Being successful in NFTs is mostly about what you DON’T invest in.

There are dozens of “pitches” that come at you on a daily basis in the NFT world.

The good thing is that you don’t have to swing at every one.

You can sit patiently until the perfect fastball comes right down the middle to hit your home run.

You only need to be right a handful of times to make life-changing returns.

And if you know what to look for, it’s easy to weed out most NFT projects right away.

So it’s easier to spot the "fast balls".

NFT markets have a lot of similarities to other markets, except with some unique differences that we’ve never really seen before.

NFTs are a blend of art, utility, community, and finance all wrapped together.

How Do You Find 10X NFT Opportunities

With So Much Junk Out There?

The key is understanding how the NFT markets behave so that you’re better able to predict price movements before they happen.

You won’t be right 100% of the time, of course...

But the goal is to improve your odds.

Because in NFTs when you’re right it can be a 10X or more, sometimes in just days or weeks.

Nobody is ever going to hit everything perfectly.

We lost a lot of money in bad projects.

But really it was an investment in knowledge.

Tuition paid to learn what not to do.

This has allowed us to build a lens in which to look at projects.

When you can see through all the noise it’s easier to identify potential winners.

Russell Brunson Reading Traffic Secrets

This is an NFT we purchased for about $500 then sold for ~$8,500 a month later - a 15X return (Still holding a bunch more!)

"But I don't have much money to invest"

While it’s a lot harder to make money if you don't have any to start with…

There are ways to get involved for little or no money as well.

One NFT we got in on was free to mint

(just gas) and now is worth over $150K.

There are certain things we look for when considering NFTs to invest in.

Once you understand the NFT markets, you're better able to see where things are headed.

We can talk more about it in the Caribbean breeze over a moscow mule.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"But there are only going to be 10 winners. What if I don't win?"

If you don't win the all-inclusive resort vacation, there is still hope.

NFT Insider Secrets is an 8-week live training covering everything we know about NFT investing.

Access to the NFT Insider Secrets training will be 100% FREE for Pit Crew Inner Circle members.

How can you join the Inner Circle?

Simple: Just own a Pit with the 'All Seeing' fur trait.

The other way to get in is to own 3 Pits (no trait requirements).

The first live training will be held on February 2nd at 12pm EST.

Trainings will be recorded and accessible for Inner Circle members who are unable to attend live.

Inner Circle members will have access to a private discord channel to ask questions and discuss the training material.

We're Sharing Everything...

  • How to Find NFTs with 10X Potential
  • Key Metrics to Look at BEFORE You Invest
  • How to Avoid Scams and Keep Your Assets Safe
  • ​Tell-tale Signs of a Rug-Pull
  • ​And More...!

From the Guys Who Brought You the NFT Bible

When we were conceptualizing Pit Crew, we had one main question...

How can we make sure this project stands the test of time?

While the NFT space is still very young, there are some common trends among successful projects.

The first is utility. What benefits do you get as a holder of the NFT?

Companion NFTs and project tokens only work if people care about the project.

The success, or lack there of, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So what’s our answer?

Glad you asked.

Each NFT is like a Powerball ticket that never expires.

Pit Crews NFTs are on the Solana blockchain and will be bought and sold using SOL.

15% of every sale goes into a raffle pool that is won by NFT holders every Friday.

By holding a Pit you're automatically entered into the drawing.

1 Pit will win 50% of the pool (grand prize) & 50 additional Pits will win 1% of the pool.

This means that each Pit has a 1/87 chance of winning every week.

Buy once, be automatically entered every week.

If you win, $SOL will be sent directly to your wallet.

Clickfunnels.com Statistics

Weekly raffles create a "flywheel effect"

As sales volume increases, so do the payouts, which creates more demand, which increases sales volume once again.

Have you seen the Powerball hit a new high? Everyone rushes to buy a ticket.

A Pit Crew NFT is like a Powerball ticket that you only have to buy once (but with much better odds).

Grand Prize winners will bring attention to the project and create FOMO for those not holding a Pit.

Having 50 additional winners improves odds and creates more winners who are likely to post on social media - creating a bunch of great, free word-of-mouth marketing every week.

Nothing goes up forever though.

What happens when volume dies down and the prize pool shrinks?

We fully expect there to be periods of time when this happens.

When it does, some people will decide that it’s no longer worth it to hold.

Holders with multiple NFTs may decide to sell some of their position.

Extra selling pressure will drop prices down from their highs.

This causes prices to dip until a point when sidelined buyers see the upside potential and buy in.

These new sales create volume that boosts back up the size of the raffles and the cycle repeats.

With every cycle, weak holders are shaken and remaining holders have stronger belief in the project.

This is how Pit Crew will thrive long into the future.

Who's Responsible For This?

Pit Crew was founded by cousins Mike Harri & Tom Harri, two Yoopers (from northern Michigan) who now live in Puerto Rico.

They didn't go to an Ivy League school and never got millions in VC funding.

They haven't spoken on any stages and Forbes hasn't written about them.

Before getting sucked into the NFT rabbit hole, their backgrounds covered forex, ecommerce and digital marketing.

Mike & Tom moved to Puerto Rico for fresh Piña Coladas, lower taxes, and to surround themselves with successful entrepreneurs and crypto experts.

They share their NFT knowledge on their educational channel, blokstreet.

They are starting to feel weird about typing in third person.

"I didn't consent to having my image used for any of this. I will be expecting more days at daycare."


Mike's previous business Good Boy Art

Can you tell he likes dogs?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's an NFT?

Non-fungible token. Something is fungible when it can be replaced with another of its kind. Like a dollar.

Non-fungible would be like my girlfriend, she can't be replaced. (she goes to a different school)

NFTs are created and stored on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.

Digital art, songs, and even NBA trading cards are being produced as NFTs.

You can think of them as digital collectibles.

Some NFTs also have additional utility that come from holding them.

How many Pits are there?

There will be a total of 4,444 Pits programmatically generated with 3,500 Pits available to the public at mint. The remaining Pits will be held in the treasury to be used as equity for current and future partners as well as for promos and giveaways to grow Pit Crew.

How can I buy a Pit?

Pit Crew mint has sold out and now Pits are available to be bought and sold on Magic Eden.

Click here for instructions on how to purchase.

Where can I see the current weekly raffle pool?

Right here.

How does the weekly raffle work?

Out of each Pit Crew NFT sale, 15% goes to the raffle pool. This pool continues to grow until each Friday when winners are randomly drawn.

1 grand prize winner receives 50% of the pool

50 additional winners each receive 1% of the pool


Total weekly sales volume = 10,000 SOL

15% (1,500 SOL) goes to community pool

Grand prize winner receives 50% of pool (750 SOL)

50 additional winners receive 1% of pool (15 SOL each)

Since there are 4,444 Pits and 51 winners, each Pit has a ~1/87 chance to win each week.

By holding more Pits, you increase your chances of winning.

If you decide to sell your Pit, you’ll be helping to fund the pool.

Do I need to do anything else to be eligible for the raffle?

Nope. Just having your Pit Crew NFT in your Solana wallet is all you need to do.

Prizes will be sent to the wallet holding the winning Pit at 6:00pm EST (or announced start time of the raffle).

If your Pit is listed for sale on a marketplace it must be de-listed and back into your wallet by 12pm EST on the day of the raffle and remain in your wallet until the raffle is complete.

If you are a winner, please wait to receive your prize before listing your Pit for sale or transferring your Pit to another wallet.

What if a Pit held by the treasury wins a raffle?

The winnings will go into the treasury wallet to be used for the further development of the project.

Maybe towards some fun stuff too (10 SOL to get a Pit Crew tattoo, anyone?)

Are there secondary sale royalties?

Yes, royalties are set at 5%. They are used for the continued growth and development of the project. This means that a total of 20% is taken out of each sale by Pit Crew; 5% for royalties and 15% for the raffle pool.

Do I own the Pit after purchasing?

Yes, when you purchase a Pit you are granted full use of IP rights to that Pit. You can put your Pit on a tshirt and sell it or make it the star of an animated movie. The pawsibilites are endless.

Why the Solana blockchain?

We love Ethereum but the gas fees have priced out a lot of new NFT buyers. The Solana blockchain allows for extremely fast transactions and low fees.

Will there be a video game? Any other utility?

We know you're dying for us to tell you that a low budget, mildly interesting 8-bit video game is in the works, but alas, it is not.

We believe in focusing on less things and doing them well.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Are you guys single?

Yes - we already said that we're into NFTs.

Do dogs get brain freeze?

We hope not.

Best rapper to follow for NFT advice?

Snoop😮‍💨 (this is not investing advice)

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