How to buy Pit Crew NFTs

Step 1: Do you have a Solana wallet?

If yes, go to Step 2 (MetaMask won't work)

Pit Crew NFTs are only on the Solana blockchain.

This means you need Solana tokens to purchase Pit Crew NFTs.

If you do not already have a Solana wallet, you need to create a Solana wallet.

This is where Solana tokens and your Pit Crew NFTs will be stored.

There are several Solana wallet options to chose from, but we like using Phantom for desktop.

You can download Phantom for your browser here:

When you create a wallet - you will be given a seed phrase.

Store your seed phrase in a safe place (offline) and never share it with anyone. Ever.

We will never ask for your seed phrase.

Once you have created your Solana wallet, you are ready for the step 2.

Step 2: Do you have Solana tokens?

If yes, go to Step 3

After setting up your Solana wallet, you're now ready to transfer Solana tokens to it.

Existing Coinbase or Binance account holders can purchase Solana tokens from the exchange then transfer the tokens off-exchange to your Solana wallet address.

If you don't have an Coinbase or Binance account or don't want to wait to get approved, there is another option.

You can buy Solana tokens with a credit card and have them deposited to your Solana wallet address with

To know how much SOL you'll need, you can see market prices for Pit Crew NFTs here.

You may want to get a little extra (~.01) to cover any Solana transaction fees.

Once you have Solana in your wallet, you are ready to buy.

Step 2: Get Solana

After you've secured your Phantom seed phrase, you're ready to transfer Solana tokens to your Solana wallet.

Your seed phrase is the secret code to your wallet – never share it with anyone. Ever.

We will never ask for your seed phrase.

If you have an existing account on an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance, you may purchase Solana tokens on the exchange then transfer them to your Solana wallet address.

If you would rather buy Solana tokens with a credit card and have them deposited to your wallet use

Mint price is 0.49 SOL per pit – we suggest 0.51 SOL to mint each.

The little bit extra covers any Solana transaction costs.

Step 3: Purchase from

Now you're ready to head over to Magic Eden.

The first thing you'll need to do is to connect your wallet to Magic Eden.

Click on 'Select Wallet' then choose your wallet.

After you select your wallet you'll be prompted to connect to Magic Eden.

Now it's time to pick your Pit!

You'll see a variety of different Pits listed at different prices on Magic Eden.

Owners can list their NFTs for sale at whatever price they choose.

You may choose to buy the cheapest Pit listed for sale since they're all they same for the raffle.

Or you may choose to find one that has a look that speaks to you.

Once you've chosen your Pit, you can choose to make an offer or buy it now.

For this example, we'll choose to buy it now.

After you click 'buy now' you will get a prompt from your wallet to approve the transaction.

Congrats, you've adopted your first Pit!

Once your transaction has completed, you'll be able to see your NFTs in your wallet.

Every Pit you hold is a ticket into the weekly raffle.

There is no limit on the number that you may hold.

Step 4: Join the community

After buying, join our Discord channel and become part of the Pit Crew community.

Be wary of DMs from scammers posing as Pit Crew staff.

We will never ask for your seed phrase.

You will want to join the Discord channel because this where we announce the weekly Pit Crew raffle winners.

Welcome to Pit Crew.

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